Diversity Strategy

As a leader in the global automotive industry, and one of the leading manufacturers of premium automobiles, BMW Manufacturing Co. works toward a goal of inclusiveness that enables us to attract and retain a talented workforce, develop a diversified supplier network and have a positive impact through extensive community involvement.

This approach to inclusiveness strengthens our ability to manufacture extraordinary vehicles. Together, we are committed to leveraging our diverse culture in order to drive our future forward.

In order to sustain a leadership position, we must recognize that unique contributions come from the implementation of a diverse business model and ensures our company’s long-term manufacturing success.

Supplier Diversity

BMW Manufacturing believes diversity among our suppliers adds value throughout our organization and is imperative to our business. For this reason, we’ve developed a supplier diversity initiative that promotes an inclusive procurement environment. This also reinforces the importance of minority- and women-owned businesses to our long-term sustainability.

Companies interested in doing business with BMW Manufacturing should send a packet of information about the company and its services to:

Procurement Department
BMW Manufacturing Co.
P.O. Box 11000
Spartanburg, SC 29304

BMW Supplier Diversity Spotlight

Carter_InsulationCarter Insulation Services, LLC has worked in the tire manufacturing industry over many years to improve the balanced output of steam and chilled water systems. Their approach ensures that the proper, most-efficient materials are used to maintain stable temperatures. The materials are chosen based on the durability and reliability over long-term use in these types of systems.

Being in the insulation industry for over 25 years, Carter Insulation has found a lack of craftsmanship in the proper installation of insulation systems, which is crucial to the proper functioning of the system. They use only highly-skilled craftsmen to install their insulation systems.

They also have a strict Quality Control Policy in place that is used to ensure proper installation based on experience they have in the nuclear industry. The result of using all of these factors is a more efficient use of energy to operate the boilers and chillers, while achieving a greater, more stable output. The outcome is a reduction in green house gas output, prevention of  loss of product due to temperature fluctuations, reduced fuel consumption and reduction of  long-term unnecessary wear on equipment.  Also, improper insulation systems on chillers will cause long-term corrosion of the chiller bodies.

Carter Insulation has designed and installed many insulation systems for thermal efficiency and freeze protection for many large corporations such as: Kimberly-Clark, Glaxco Smith Kline, SCE&G, Carrier, Spirax-Sarco, and Georgia-Power.


View Images from the 2015 Diversity Event

  • BMW Matchmaker Conference on 4/9/15. File: 040815GR34
  • BMW Matchmaker Conference on 4/9/15. File: 040815GR34
  • BMW Matchmaker Conference on 4/9/15. File: 040815GR34
  • BMW Matchmaker Conference on 4/9/15. File: 040815GR34