Ultimate BMW Experience
Ultimate BMW Experience

A Most Important Intersection

Over the years, thousands have converged on Plant Spartanburg to build the Ultimate Driving Machine. From South Carolina to the world, the sheer driving pleasure of a BMW is unmistakable — and from the associates on the line to the customer on the street to the visitors who witness each step of production, one thing is clear: a BMW isn’t simply manufactured to be driven, it’s made to be experienced.

  • This is performance that challenges the status quo.
  • This is passion that fuels every journey.
  • This is pride in mile after mile.
  • This is the Ultimate BMW Experience.

Don’t Just Listen to the History of a Legend. LIVE IT.

History’s great BMWs weren’t built to collect dust. That’s why inside the Zentrum at Plant Spartanburg, these legendary vehicles are part of an extraordinary living museum. Your Ultimate BMW Experience includes a chance to appreciate these Ultimate Classics firsthand — and with visiting collectors and renowned experts on hand to share stories and highlight this rare series, Ultimate Classics is the premier showcase of historic BMWs in North America.

Don’t Just Read About the Birth of a BMW. EXPERIENCE IT.

As you walk toward the plant, you think of the millions of vehicles moving along the world’s roads — and how from this place, there have come Ultimate Driving Machines of every shape, size and color. And from the moment you step inside, you realize what makes a BMW so much more than a car. Ultimate Touring gives you the access you’ve always dreamed of — to go inside Plant Spartanburg’s main production area, to see the inner workings of a world-class manufacturing facility, to observe best practices in sustainability and efficiency and, most importantly, to witness the birth of a BMW for yourself.

Don’t Just Watch Someone Else Behind the Wheel of a BMW. DRIVE IT.

Driving a BMW is about engaging the senses — feeling the pull of a curve and your back pressed against the seat, looking ahead for what’s next down the road and hearing the roar of the engine as you step on the throttle with confidence. With Ultimate Driving, you’re in the driver’s seat during your Ultimate BMW Experience. Spend an afternoon on the track at the Performance Driving Center with a certified BMW instructor. Learn how to get the most out of every turn. Join your fellow drivers on the road for guided group excursions in the nearby mountains. With Ultimate Driving, you’ll never forget why you came — or where the Ultimate Driving Machine got its name.

For more information and current pricing on THE ULTIMATE BMW EXPERIENCE email: bmwexperience@salessupport.com or call 1-877-9BMW-EXP (1-877-926-9397). This experience is reserved for individuals, not for corporations.