Celebrity Course Rotation Announced for Upcoming

GREENVILLE, S.C. - 05/12/2008

Celebrity course rotations for the upcoming BMW Charity Pro-Am golf tournament were announced today. Celebrities that are scheduled to compete in this year’s event include: Joe Pesci, Dennis Quaid, Luke Wilson, Greg Kinnear, Kurt Russell, Catherine Bell, Oliver Hudson, Wayne Gretzky, Janet Jones-Gretzky, Ty Gretzky, Kevin Sorbo, Dave Coulier, Stefanie Schaeffer, Patrick Warburton, Michael Pena, Sterling Sharpe, Kordell Stewart, Jason Dohring, Josh Kelley, Cheech Marin, Javier Colon, Steve Azar, Gary Valentine, Mark Rypien, Branford Marsalis, Pat Green, George Rogers, Ben Wright and Jennifer Mills.

Celebrities will play the following course rotations:

Thornblade: Carolina Country Club: Bright’s Creek:
Steve Azar; Catherine Bell; Dave Coulier
Javier Colon; Jason Dohring; Janet Jones-Gretzky
Pat Green; Greg Kinnear; Ty Gretzky
Josh Kelley; Michael Pena; Wayne Gretzky
Cheech Marin; Joe Pesci; Oliver Hudson
Branford Marsalis; Dennis Quaid; Kurt Russell
Jennifer Mills; Stefanie Schaeffer; Sterling Sharpe
George Rogers; Gary Valentine; Kevin Sorbo
Mark Rypien; Luke Wilson; Kordell Stewart
Ben Wright; Patrick Warburton

Thornblade: Carolina Country Club: Bright’s Creek:
Dave Coulier; Steve Azar; Catherine Bell
Janet Jones-Gretzky; Javier Colon; Jason Dohring
Ty Gretzky; Pat Green; Greg Kinnear
Wayne Gretzky; Josh Kelley; Michael Pena
Oliver Hudson; Cheech Marin; Joe Pesci
Kurt Russell; Branford Marsalis; Dennis Quaid
Sterling Sharpe; Jennifer Mills; Stefanie Schaeffer
Kevin Sorbo; George Rogers; Gary Valentine
Kordell Stewart; Mark Rypien; Luke Wilson
Patrick Warburton; Ben Wright;

Thornblade: Carolina Country Club: Bright’s Creek:
Catherine Bell; Dave Coulier; Steve Azar
Jason Dohring; Janet Jones-Gretzky; Javier Colon
Greg Kinnear; Ty Gretzky; Pat Green
Michael Pena; Wayne Gretzky; Josh Kelley
Joe Pesci; Oliver Hudson; Cheech Marin
Dennis Quaid; Kurt Russell; Branford Marsalis
Stefanie Schaeffer; Sterling Sharpe; Jennifer Mills
Gary Valentine; Kevin Sorbo; George Rogers
Luke Wilson; Kordell Stewart; Mark Rypien
Patrick Warburton; Ben Wright;

All golf is played at Thornblade Club (only the 14 lowest scoring pro-amateur/pro-celebrity teams advance to play Sunday’s final round).

The BMW Charity Pro-Am is the only tournament on the Nationwide Tour where amateurs and celebrities are grouped with Nationwide Tour professionals in a four-day better-ball competition. Amateurs, celebrities and pros will rotate between each of the three courses on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with the 14 lowest scoring pro-amateur/pro-celebrity teams advancing to play Sunday’s final round at Thornblade Club. Celebrities will play once at each course on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The professional winner of the overall 72-hole event will take home $121,500 from the total purse of $675,000, which is one of the largest purses on the Nationwide Tour, as well as a brand new BMW X5 Sports Activity Vehicle. Amateurs and celebrities will compete for individual prizes and cash donations to the charity of their choice out of the beneficiaries selected by South Carolina Charities, Inc.

The first seven tournaments have raised more than $5.7 million for 80+ area charities.

For more information on the BMW Charity Pro-Am golf tournament, sponsorship opportunities, charitable funding or volunteer opportunities, call (864) 297-1660 or visit the tournament’s website at www.bmwcharitygolf.com.

Production Figures

  • 2018 Production - September
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    • X4 Vehicles: 4,331
    • X5 Vehicles: 6,658
    • X6 Vehicles: 2,700
  • Number of jobs – 10,000
  • U.S. suppliers – 300
  • South Carolina suppliers– Over 40

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