S.C. Teacher of the Year to drive a BMW Z3 roadster

GREER, S.C. - 10/08/1999

BMW Manufacturing Corp. has honored the S.C. Teacher of the Year by presenting Mary Hamilton Lostetter, the 1999-2000 recipient, with a Z3 roadster for her use during her tenure.

And BMW will contribute $25,000 to the South Carolina Teacher Recruitment Center to help state teachers apply for the National Board Certification Program.

The roadster was presented to Ms. Lostetter and BMW announced the contribution at a news conference at the State House today.

“Today’s event is a challenge, especially to us in the business community,” said Carl W. Flesher, BMW’s vice president for Corporate Communications. “It is a challenge to step forward and match Mary Lostetter’s enthusiasm by helping provide her and her fellow teachers with access to training and resources they need and deserve.”

Governor Jim Hodges, in thanking BMW for its roadster gift, said “an even more lasting gift is the generous commitment that BMW has made to provide resources for our state’s teachers to achieve National Board Certification.”

State Superintendent of Education Inez Tenenbaum said “BMW has demonstrated true vision and genuine corporate citizenship,” and added that she hoped this action would inspire others in the business community to follow suit.

Lostetter said BMW and South Carolina public schools “both care about the highest possible quality,” and said that her message as Teacher of the Year “is that our public schools must help our students achieve a high level of quality,” and “our schools must have the resources to help students succeed.”

BMW is the first South Carolina manufacturer to make a contribution of this size to the center to assist with national board certification. The program sets standards that distinguish the qualities and achievements of a good teacher and ensures that certified teachers meet or exceed those standards.

During the past six years, more than 1800 teachers from the United States have achieved national certification. South Carolina currently has 16 nationally certified teachers.

“We have discovered that one reason for these low numbers is the $2,000 fee required for application and processing,” Flesher said. “The $25,000 contribution by BMW will be used to provide applying teachers with a $1,000 scholarship to offset the application and processing fee.

“We hope that the other half of the required fees will be found from funds provided by the state, local school districts and from our fellow manufacturers in South Carolina,” Flesher said.

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