Corporate Sponsorships

Economic Impact

More than a financial transaction – an investment is a measure of commitment. At BMW Manufacturing, we’re proud of the strength and constancy of our commitment to the Upstate of South Carolina. Since 1992, BMW has invested more than $9 billion in construction, equipment and other capital expenditures and 40 of our 300 U.S. suppliers have chosen to place operations in South Carolina.

Nowhere are the effects felt more strongly than here in the Upstate of South Carolina where quality jobs, revenue generation, and investment are helping lay the foundation for an even brighter future.

Job Creation

Originally projected to provide 2,000 jobs, BMW Manufacturing now has 11,000 jobs on site. Add to that the companies required to supply and support the campus, and BMW provides jobs for over 30,000 South Carolinians. Lost in the numbers is the level of quality BMW is adding to the local labor pool.

Supplier Operations

Having suppliers located nearby not only makes for efficient and flexible manufacturing, it increases the business vitality of the entire region. BMW Manufacturing and its potential suppliers saw this clearly. As a result, since the plant opened in 1994, many of BMW’s suppliers established new operational facilities in South Carolina, creating 11,000 new jobs.


BMW Investment – more than $9 billion