Building a Better BMW

Analysis Center

At the Analysis Center, we ignore the BMW mystique, look past the dazzling lines and impeccable paint job. We strip down the BMW and take an honest look at our work. The naked truth in all its beauty is revealed.

The 60,000-square-foot Analysis Center is a fully functioning laboratory that allows us to examine and test every weld, every dimension, and every component on vehicles as they come off the production line. The Analysis Center covers three key areas of vehicle development: Functional Analysis, Manufacturing Analysis and Customer Feedback.

Functional Analysis

We make certain our BMWs can stand the life of the road from the desert to the arctic. The engineers in our testing labs use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure quality and performance that rises above automotive standards. We test for how the car feels as well as how the car sounds. One group uses four post shakers to simulate every kind of driving condition on any road, any place, at any time.

Another group analyzes vehicle sounds using a self-contained acoustic head that records sound inside the vehicle just as the human ear hears it.

Manufacturing Analysis

In this area of the Analysis Center, on-site engineering teams work to improve and support the production and manufacturing processes.

We address questions that have yet to be asked. For example, what is the best way to manufacture the next generation of BMW vehicles? Big-picture questions like this allow us to bring together everything we know about a new vehicle and help guide us in how best to bring our manufacturing resources to bear in its production.


The BMW experience comes full circle when put to the test by our customers. New products and options are validated before the customer receives their vehicle. Associates are in constant contact with BMW dealers and customers worldwide working to address quality issues at every step in the life of the vehicle to ensure BMW Manufacturing continues to make good on our promise to deliver “the ultimate driving machine.”