Building a Better BMW

Value-Added Production System

At BMW Manufacturing, continuous improvement is something our team takes very seriously. We believe it’s a key difference that distinguishes BMW from the competition — and flexibility throughout the production process is an essential factor in improving productivity and efficiency.

By implementing the Value-Added Production System (VPS), BMW is adding maximum value while minimizing waste in all production and support area processes. From supplier to dealer, from product development to production itself, VPS is helping ensure total customer satisfaction in a timely, efficient, quality-focused manner.

Since its global launch within the BMW Group in 2006, VPS has played a vital role in continuous improvement. Here at BMW’s only North American manufacturing facility, VPS principles are being applied and assessed every day — and the results have been impressive.

The impact of the Process Excellence / Continuous Improvement initiative has been a 25% improvement of the operating cost structure, totaling more $225 million. Because of this comprehensive approach, VPS activity has helped introduce new behaviors and guidelines from the top down, eliminating the need for costly additional support programs and projects.