Corporate Sustainability

Environmental Partnerships

Nature Conservancy

From Stumphouse Mountain to Forty-Acre Rock, The Nature Conservancy is dedicated to preserving the plants, animals and eco-systems of the Upstate. And BMW is dedicated to helping. As an annual corporate partner with the Nature Conservancy, BMW is playing a key role in maintaining the raw beauty of our region.

Palmetto Conservation Foundation

Economic growth and quality of life are not mutually exclusive. The Palmetto Conservation Foundation has been proving that since 1989. The group works to allow South Carolina’s communities to grow and prosper while maintaining their unique quality of life. At BMW Manufacturing, we think a non-adversarial approach to growth makes sense. That’s why we created the BMW Conservation Award. This award is given annually to individuals who have made lifetime contributions to protecting South Carolina’s natural, historic and cultural resources.

South Carolina Wildlife Federation

BMW has teamed with the South Carolina Wildlife Federation in a variety of ways. Our on-going corporate sponsorship of the SCWF helps develop and preserve natural habitats throughout the state. As a member of the Wildlife And Industry Together (W.A.I.T.) program, the BMW facility is serving as a model for on-site conservation.