Corporate Sustainability

Environmental Responsibility

Responsibility is an integral part of BMW’s corporate identity. As such, corporate sustainability is firmly anchored in our entire manufacturing process: from clean production processes to green recycling practices, our concept of sustainability extends far beyond the footprint of this plant. We also take responsibility for cultural and social issues and are involved in supporting educational programs throughout South Carolina.

Environmental Statistics and Information:

Since our beginning in 1993, nobody has been tougher in terms of environmental demands on BMW Manufacturing Co. than we are on ourselves. We are constantly looking for ways to lessen our impact while maintaining the incredibly high goals of quality and consistency that we’ve established. Year by year, we are finding ways to work better with and for our environment.

From 2006 to 2018, per vehicle shipped, BMW’s South Carolina plant has decreased:

  • Water consumption by 44%
  • Energy consumption by 61%
  • Waste disposed of in a landfill by 85%
  • Industrial wastewater by 58%

In 2018:

  • Amount of Waste Reused, Recycled, and Recovered:
  • Amount of Waste Sent to Landfill:
  • Pretreated Industrial Wastewater:
    58,477,000 gallons