Corporate Sustainability

Green Manufacturing

At BMW Manufacturing Co., our commitment to environmental responsibility begins inside the plant, one of the first in the industry to earn the coveted ISO14001 certification. From the minute manufacturing begins until the finished vehicle is shipped to its owner, we ensure that the quality of the manufacturing never interferes with the integrity of our environment.

Our commitment takes many forms, such as a solid waste recycling program that reduces the need for landfills, and a water conservation initiative that helps save 9.5 million gallons of water each year. At the same time, many of our green efforts take place on a smaller, but no less important, scale.


  • All wastewater is pre-treated before being released to local municipal water treatment plant.
  • Water-based paints replace high-solvent paints when possible to reduce air emissions.
  • Environmental guidelines are set for recommended use by suppliers.
  • Our on-site butterfly garden was created to conserve and attract native butterfly species.
  • Our factory site is home to a number of handmade birdhouses that serve to sustain the local bird population.
  • In 1998, our factory was one of the first automotive manufacturers to earn ISO 14001 certification for meeting or exceeding international environmental standards.