Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

To BMW Manufacturing, Corporate Social Responsibility means being a catalyst for change. We strive to set examples for those we work with, for, and around with high standards of environmental management, corporate giving, and maintaining a diverse workforce. We are proud to be in South Carolina, and we appreciate the many different relationships we have established here.

Through education, environment, and other philanthropic efforts, we carry out our pledge to diversity. As citizens of both the global corporate economy and the Upstate community, we integrate these commitments into everything we do at BMW Manufacturing. We support dozens of local and statewide organizations, including our most visible initiative, the annual BMW Charity Pro-Am presented by SYNNEX Corporation. Every partnership is an instrument of change. Each contribution is a reflection of our principle.

Corporate Giving:

Over $36 million through 2014.

  • 47% to education
  • 35% to the community
  • 18% to the arts

Paris Mountain Program

In 2002, a gift of $100,000 from BMW Manufacturing Co. helped convert a 1930s bathhouse into a state-of-the-art education center at Paris Mountain State Park, one of South Carolina’s oldest state parks.

Today, the historic stone bathhouse is home to the park’s curriculum-based Discover Carolina program. Inside, educational facilities and exhibits showcase the park’s extraordinary natural community. BMW’s gift was one of the largest in the public-private partnership.