Facility Rental Fees

  • During regular operating hours: $1,000
  • During non-operating hours: $1,500
  • Overtime rate is $350 per hour beyond contracted time

Other things to consider:

  • Only BMW-approved caterers may be used for food or beverage service
  • Rentals available 7 days a week
  • Building capacity is 375

Food and alcohol are allowed at the Zentrum, but please encourage your guests to be responsible, especially if they’ll be driving. Services such as coat check and valet parking are available for additional charge; inquire for details. To rent the Zentrum, please complete the facility rental form¬†pdf file and mail or fax to BMW Manufacturing Co. Adobe Acrobat is required to view this file.

For questions or more information, please contact: Davis-Julene@aramark.com.